Find Your Fit


Mike Lange

Mike has been a lifelong fitness enthusiast!

In college, he competed as a powerlifter and in bench press contests. After graduating college, he became a police officer and enjoyed 26+ years with the LAPD and Pomona Police Department specializing in gangs as an officer, detective and sergeant.

Some of his accomplishments include being awarded the Medal of Valor and Officer of the Year. Additionally, Mike worked for Rio Hondo Police Academy as a Training Officer in charge of preparing new officer candidates mentally and physically. During his career in law enforcement, he was also the strength/conditioning coach for the wrestling team as well as head coach for the La Verne Lutheran High School baseball team.

Since retiring in 2019, Mike has received his personal training certification through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and spends his time helping people achieve their personal training goals. He looks forward to meeting all of our members. His hobbies include MMA (Muay Thai), boxing and spending time with his family and friends.

Specialty: Strength and Conditioning

Guy West

In Guy's words:

Fitness has been a passion of mine from an early age.

From playing high school football to coaching a men’s basketball team, to serving as a rescue swimmer and fitness instructor in the military--I love coaching and training people to improve their abilities and overall fitness.

I’ve trained individuals of all ages and abilities to improve stamina, strength, mobility, flexibility and endurance. Seeing someone progress and meet their goals is a great motivator for me.

Specialty: Group classes and functional fitness training

Crista Zamora

In Crista's own words: 

When people ask me why I workout, my answer is always, “For my mental and physical health.”

I lost my Mom to a heart attack in May of 2018 and I was in the worst shape of my life. I was 6 weeks from having my 4th baby, and I was a mental wreck! I needed to change my situation and I needed to get healthy for my future and for my kids. I lost over 100 lbs, and it dramatically shifted the way I felt and thought.

I love helping people learn to workout, helping people learn why fitness is so important and push them to become better than they were the day before.

Specialty: Balance, Core and Stretching to build strength and functional mobility


Amber Aten

Amber has been teaching yoga for 20 years.

She shares the practice of yoga in a way that brings the elements of practice off the mat and into the world. In each class, there is a strong focus on applying the practice of yoga to the individual to support awareness of the body. Amber is passionate about making the practice of yoga accessible and effective for all.

She has experience teaching many styles of yoga. With a 750-hour Yoga Therapy Certification since 2007, Amber is a powerful educator, adept at coaching others in the mechanics of yoga in a gentle, intelligent way. 

Amber is the founder of the Ananda Lila School of Yoga, which offers yoga teacher training, immersive training, and specialized one on one coaching. Most recently, she founded the Breathe Play Love Yoga non-profit. This ever-expanding crew of yoga teachers aim share the many benefits of yoga with the world.

Jessica Leary

Jessica has been teaching group fitness classes since 2013.

She is a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and POP Pilates certified instructor.

Jessica loves to teach yoga and POP Pilates in a way that provides options for all levels of fitness and mobility, allowing each individual to find comfort, fun and challenges within each class.

When she's not in the studio, Jessica enjoys trail hiking, running, or walking with her fiancée and her sweet dog.

Abbi Hill

Abigail received her Buti Cert in 2021 right after an intense 3 week backpacking trip. She has been teaching steadily ever since. In her free time she loves to read, dance, go to the gym,  and spend time with family and friends.

Her classes will leave you feeling refreshed, accomplished, giddy, and empowered. She loves to bring in some spice with upbeat music, and creative sequencing that comes with the Buti style that will help to awaken your body and make you sweat! Her goal is to incorporate strength training sequences to help sculpt/tone your body, and embrace dynamic movement to work through the energy centers of the body.

Cathy Davis

Cathy is both a registered yoga instructor and certified special education teacher. Her classes focus on breathing exercises, guided meditation and poses that bring about healthy alignment which boosts immunity. Students are encouraged to begin a journey of self discovery into their bodies and themselves that will help them find their fullest potential physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Students are supported as they release tension and remove the sources of ill health so they can overcome challenges and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Lauren Director

Lauren is an experienced yoga professional with an extensive background teaching yin yoga, vinyasa, guided meditation, breathwork, and restorative yoga. Lauren’s yoga philosophy is to empower students and teachers to embrace the core tenets of these yoga styles. By intuitively tailoring all practices to suit students’ individual needs and goals, Lauren’s framework has produced transformative upgrades and empowering breakthroughs for many individual practitioners. Lauren offers unconditional support as a mentor and friend, to invite a greater sense of overall well-being into your life.

Lauren moved to Arizona, after formally teaching group classes and private yoga in New York. She received her 200HR Yoga Teaching Certification under the guidance of Leah Hartofelis at Breathe N Flow Yoga, and is grateful to have studied Kundalini Yoga Therapy with Guru Dharam.

Candace Lea

Candice has been practicing Yoga all over the US for about 11 years. You might find her on her mat in Mexico or California on the beach, or in the woods where she is surrounded by fresh air and nature. In 2021 she decided to take a Yoga Teacher Training course to deepen her own practice and would now love to share her passion of Yoga with the community.

Candace teaches a fun, yet peaceful and energetic class that will leave you feeling grounded yet peacefully energized. A Yoga class for all generations, all body types and all levels of experience. Move your body and breath as you become more grounded with energy flowing. Her gentle yoga sessions will help you to move with grace and strength. A gentle, sweet flow that will rejuvenate your soul and warm your body.